Air Dropping System for Phantom 4 series

Air Dropping System for Phantom 4 series

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The Air-Dropping System from PGYTECH is designed to be used with a Phantom 4 series drone to deliver remotely. It features a USB charging port with a quick release design. A photo cell controls the dropping mechanism. By pressing the C1 or C2 LED light switch button on your Phantom 4 Remote Controller, the air-dropping system is activated, releasing the load. Five aluminum alloy carabiners for attaching cargo, an Android cable, a screwdriver, a dropping clasp, a big silicone cable tie, and a small silicone cable tie are included.

For search, rescue, parties, and celebrations
Light sensor triggers dropping system
Easy installation and sturdy construction does not interfere with camera and landing gear
Built-in rechargeable battery USB 5V charging
200mAh capacity battery can be full charged for one hour
ABS, strong, durable, and lightweight detachable design
Compact and lightweight carrying case with protective sponge and EVA liner to fit each component
Before flying, you need to set the remote controller's C1 or C2 key to switch the front motor's LED lights indicators

In The Box

PGYTECH Air-Dropping System for Phantom 4 Series
5 x Aluminum Alloy Carabiners
Android Cable
Dropping Clasp
Silicone Cable Tie (Big)
Silicone Cable Tie (Small)
Carrying Case with Protective Sponge
Limited 1-Year Warranty


Note: To ensure safety, the weight of any load should not exceed 0.6 lb(250g). The length of the lanyard should not exceed 3.9" (10cm). If the length is greater than 3.9", the drone may experience serious lack of control and a higher risk of crashing. The use of this product involves certain risks, do not use it in case of being a novice pilot or not having experience in flying drones.


Please read the following tips carefully before using this product:

1. It is prohibited to use this product to throw toxic and hazardous materials.
2. It is prohibited to use this product to throw prohibited articles by local laws and regulations.
3. Do not mount magnet or magnetic metal (iron, cobalt, nickel) to avoid interfering with geomagnetism and disordering flight control system.
4. When using this product to mount the articles, the load of the drones will be increased, and the endurance time will be reduced. Please pay attention to flight safety.
5. If you need to land the loaded drone after taking off, please discard the load first before landing.
6. Pay attention where you drop cargo to avoid damage or injuries;
7. When using this product, remember to turn off the visual positioning system in the DJI APP (Refer to the User Manual for details)
8. After turning off the visual positioning system, landing and vertical obstacle avoidance is dramatically affected. Always land in a safe environment.
9. Do not open sports mode when using this product.

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