PGYTECH Mavic 2/Zoom Case

PGYTECH Mavic 2/Zoom Case

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PGYTECH MAVIC 2 Pro/Zoom carrying case is a stylish, large-capacity and portable hard shell case.The interior layout is reasonable and can place Mavic 2, Remote Controller, Batteries(including body use 3 pieces), Household Charger,Car Charger, Charging Hub, 4pcs of Propellers, USB Cable and Gimbal Protector.

The lining of each Carrying Case for MAVIC 2 Pro/Zoom is made of a single Eva lined mold, which makes it very stable and does not fall at random.Double-layer space design, custom zone and full use of every inch of space according to travel needs make travel more convenient.

Carrying cases for MAVIC 2 Pro/Zoom housings and zippers are waterproof and you don't need to worry about rainy days affecting your exploration.

Carrying case is designed with an impact-resistant EVA shell that effectively protects your MAVIC 2 Pro/Zoom from external shocks, and it is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Brand:PGYTECH Type:P-HA-031 Material:EVA; PU Packaging Size:30.7 *25.9 *12 cm Weight:660g Weight(Packaging):900g

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